Kazuhiko Yukimi's lemonade is a recurring item in the Nabari no Ou series, and a specialty of Yukimi's that holds significance to his relationship with Yoite, who is in his care.

A recipe for Yukimi's lemonade is included hidden on the back cover of Unitamente underneath the dust cover.

Yukimi-sama's Specialty Lemonade Recipe Edit

Unitamente Yukimi's lemonade recipe

Yukimi's lemonade recipe

What to prepare (for 1 serving) Edit

  • Honeyed lemon ------ 2~3 slices
    (Lemons: 1 whole lemon; Honey: a good amount)
  • Honey (sugar, syrup are also OK) ------- a good amount
  • Hot water ------- just enough to fill the mug you want to drink from

How to make it Edit

  1. First off, you want to soak the lemons in honey to make honeyed lemons.
    Slice a thoroughly washed and peeled lemon into thin slices, then let it soak for 1 ~ 2 days in the fridge until preserved. If you stir it after about a day into preserving, the taste will improve.
    (It's convenient to keep these frozen. I always have some stocked up in my freezer.)
  2. Place 2 ~ 3 honeyed lemon slices in a mug, and pour in the hot water. That's it.
    If, when you taste it, there's not enough sourness or sweetness, you can always squeeze in some more lemon juice, or add in honey to sweeten the taste to your liking, it's fine.

It'll be pretty hot when you make it. Be careful not to burn yourself.
And when you're slicing the lemons, take extra care not to cut your fingers.

That's all!