Yae Oda (織田 八重 Oda Yae) is the leader of Togakushi (戸隠) Village and the president of Fog Blue, a small-scale dispatch company, which the villages takes the form of in the front world. She hired an assistant, Sōrō Katō, who later turned out to be a spy, unbeknown he specializes in mind-reading techniques. She uses Togakushi's kinjutsushō Izuna Shingan (飯綱心眼, lit. Fox Spirit's Mind's Eye), which gives the user the ability to see into the heart's of others, but lose the ability to use ninjutsu. She is voiced by Satsuki Yukino in Japanese and Colleen Clinkenbeard in English.

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Oda agrees to give the scroll to Tobari containing the kinjutsu, on the condition they assassinate a Professor Frosti for her. She wishes for Frosti's death due to his abuse of power, and later on finds out his assistant is Nowake, a man which she loathes even more, all because of the past events regarding her child, Alisa. Oda and her daughter were in a car accident and Alisa needed a blood transfusion. Nowake was at the scene and matched Alisa's blood type, but refused to donate because he would lose his chance to make a name for himself.

In the anime adaption, Nowake was conducting human experiments with particular drugs and tricked Oda, who was blinded by the desire to save her daughter. Oda blames this man for Alisa's death.

Miharu convinces Oda to never use the Izuna Shingan after witnessing the profound effect her words have on the mentally unstable Yoite.

In the anime adaption, her role is extended. After Miharu and Yoite learn that Yoite has only one month to live, the pair visit Oda in her home and ask her to ask the Shinra Banshou if they can use its power without Banten's Engetsurin scroll. At the same time the secret intelligence branch of the Grey Wolves the Tattegami (Kasa) destroy the Fog Blue office building. Afterwards, the Tattegami kidnaps Oda, Yoite, and Miharu. The Grey Wolves use ninjutsu and medication to gain her cooperation, but she continually asks about Togakushi's annihilation and refuses to answer the Grey Wolves' questions to the point that Hattori personally confronted her. She is rescued by the Fuuma Village and Katō.


  • In the beginning, Oda overused her mind-reading power, often digging deep through people's hearts and finding out their darkest of secrets. She was not, however, able to read any deeper into the Shinra Banshou, which inflicted her mind with great pain.
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