Nabari no Ou Volume 7 is the seventh volume of the manga Nabari no Ou by Yuhki Kamatani.

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What was supposed to be a peaceful discourse on the state of the Nabari world descends into chaos as the students of Alya Academy throw themselves headlong into an attack against the very shinobi they invited to their school. Their purpose? To fulfill the grisly requirements of the cure-all forbidden art, Daya, to revive the beloved leader of Kouga village! As Miharu’s former allies from Banten and current ones from the Grey Wolves form an uneasy alliance to stay alive, the no-longer-apathetic vessel of the Shinra Banshou reaches out to the secret art in a desperate bid to save Yoite. In the midst of such emotional and physical chaos, will it answer his call?[1]

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A limited edition of volume 7 was sold in Japan in limited quantities from October 27 through November 26 in 2007 at animate stores, and includes a special coloured illustration sheet by Yuhki Kamatani.[2] The illustration features Raikou Shimizu and Kazuhiko Yukimi in Alya Academy's basement.

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