Vladimir in garden of children's hearts

Vladimir avoiding a question on the Shinra Banshou in Garden of Children's Hearts.

Kamatani yukimi and vladimir

Rough sketch of Yukimi and Vladimir in Garden of Children's Hearts.

Vladimir Ilyich Popov (ウラジーミル・イリイチ・ポポフ) is a major character from Yuhki Kamatani's manga Shounen Note, who also plays a major role in their doujinshi Garden of Children's Hearts.

Appearances Edit

Design Edit

Vladimir has platinum blond hair in a bob and blue eyes. In Garden of Children's Hearts, he wears an outfit reminiscent to that of a station master.

Profile Edit

While he is an opera singer from Russia visiting Japan in his original story, Vladimir plays the role of a magical guardian to the memories held in children's hearts in Garden of Children's Hearts.

He has no magical abilities in Shounen Note, and has no relation to the story or characters of Nabari no Ou.