Hey guys!

Notable updates:

Things are really starting to get reorganized and freshened up! I'm hoping that the new article management templates will help with getting things up to date as well, since there's only so much a stub template can tell us, and the majority of the pages on this wiki are lacking a good deal of information in some shape or form. These new templates also allow you to add suggestions for what can be done to improve each page for other visitors! (Or, yourself, if you want to come back to it later!)

I'm curious to know what you guys think of the new changes and addons~

As for the gallery subpages, this will finally give the wiki a proper and organized gallery for each of the characters! There's a lot of images on this wiki that aren't included on any articles, and now with these pages we can finally start working towards finding them some homes.

Aside from article content, a big concern right now is the state this wiki's images are in. Searching for images is quite tedious as the large majority of the wiki's images are named extremely poorly, such as with just numbers, or other names that don't tell you who or what's in the picture. The new image categorization policies (please check the media guidelines; more info to come) and categories are in place to help with this problem, but these files will need to be renamed eventually. However, if the files are renamed after being included in an article in any form, those old images will no longer work on their pages. For that reason:

  • It would be greatly appreciated if you could get images up to media guideline standards before adding them to articles and/or galleries.
  • If you rename an image already present on an article, please update these pages so that the image continues to work on them.

There are also a large number of poor quality and extremely small images that will need to be either replaced with a higher quality version or marked for deletion.

In the meantime, it would also be a big help if people can add the category: Images of __________ (with the blank being the character's full name) to image file pages so that they're more searchable!

As there are 665 files on this wiki right now, the more help this wiki gets, the better, and any bit of help helps, even if you just add categories to one image, and you don't have to be member to do so!

Kutsinta (talk)

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