Hey guys! This wiki's been dead for some years now, so I'm not sure how many of you will end up seeing this, but for those who do happen upon this, I'd like to formally introduce myself as the new admin/bureaucrat for the NnO wiki!

I've been working on updating the wiki both content-wise and aesthetically, albeit rather sporadically, as the wiki's missing quite a lot of content, most especially on the manga and other non-anime media front, though the anime side of things is still missing information too despite being more thorough and making up the bulk of the wiki, and the interface obviously hasn't been updated in a number of years and is outdated. So-- here's to freshening things up!

Any help - big or small - is greatly appreciated to help get things up and running again! This can be through adding in missing information to articles, correcting grammar within the already existant article text, starting new or contributing to discussions/comment threads, suggesting possible changes/additions to the wiki, or anything else that may come to mind! More info on how to help can be found here.

I'm the only active contributor to the wiki right now, but if things get livened up again (fingers crossed!), I'd be more than happy to share admin priviledges with other active users!

If you have any suggestions on what changes you'd like to see come to the wiki, please don't hesitate to share! In the meantime, I've attempted to set up a new forum for this purpose. Please give the guidelines a read-over as well.

Happy editing!