So finally I've gathered up enough of my poorly scarce bravado and posted up 2 new pages, first: "List of Characters" and "List of Nabari no Ou Episodes"; both of which I had been dying to add to this wikia. I also re-did plenty of edits on all character profiles such as: character stats, pictures, info, hyperlinks, and the usual grammatical and overall layout editing.


That's a lot of edits! You should know what I'm talking about if you take a look... That would be appreciated, and I still need your help you guys! Well anyway I feel happy, and I also feel we're a little bit closer to my goal of improving this unintentionally lacking Wikia. I still need help from tons of stuff, and I really have no idea how to change the background which is really irritatingly boring considering this anime is so AWESOME! I'm not admin or anything like that, just your average lover of Nabari no Ou that would do anything to further spread the love and information!

That's it, thanks for reading my mini rant, and keep on editing!! ^_^

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