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  • EternallyBegotten

    Hello there lovelies! :)

    I'm proud to present the new and fresh painting of NnO wiki, which it has deserved for a looong time now. I must say getting down and dirty with the template stuff isn't hard perse, more on time and patience consuming. I can confidently say that it paid off in the end and now the home page has that official "gloss" to it. 

    How about the background wallpaper? I know, I like it too. 

    I'm beyond elated to advance in a few more steps on making NnO wiki into a better wiki. 'Course I can't do that alone, I'll need you guys to do your own parts! Help a poor girl out! Check the character pages and see if you know a thing or two that hasn't been written there and write it down for yourself! That I would mightily appreciate.

    Well an…

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  • EternallyBegotten

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I have made a formal comeback to NnO wiki. I have been on the lookout from time to time, and I see that a handful of people have made contributions here (for the better or worse). I am comforted by the fact that I am not truly alone in my quest for a better wiki, contrary to what my previous blog had attested. 

    I have decided that I will give 2 users here admin positions, BUT in order to be one you must have the following requirements:

    1. You must be a registered user (duh, but I just want to put it out here for formality)
    2. You have contributed to the betterment of this wiki
    3. Your contributions must be of acceptable quality (refer to requirement #2)
    4. You genuinely want the Nabari no Ou wiki to be better, and are willi…
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  • EternallyBegotten

    A lil' R&R

    August 22, 2012 by EternallyBegotten

    Okay folks...

    I like talking to walls - yes that has been a particular hobby of mine since I was a kid. They're great - they listen to you and whatnot, but don't be disappointed if they don't reply (side note: they usually won't).

    *Sigh* Well I've fondled at this wiki for far too long, and its starting to feel harrassed. o.O

    Being a newly-administered ADMIN (sounded too cool to resist) became almost like my full-time job during this passing Summer (yes, I do have a life actually; if toiling away at computers is considered a life); making improvements, adding pictures, adding character quotes, talking to myself in my whiny blogs and all that bad stuff (you know the drill). Since this wiki isn't quite as noisy than most anime/manga wiki, I've been the sole…

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  • EternallyBegotten

    Okay so, in my search of the universe that is the internet, I found myself scrolling through the small speck of world that is Wikia. There I found wikis ranging from home tips to Harry Potter, and I found it amazing on how neat and appropriately designed those wikis were - just splendid - and it made me think: "Golly whiz I wish I knew a thing or two on how to those or that, or that cool looking background..." Then I look to find that those wikis has firm community bases, maybe a good 3-5 admins, 2 bureaucrats at most, and lots and lots of trusty editors. Right...

    Golly whiz indeed...*facepalm* Ok so guys, seriously. I try my best with all of the coding, and its driving me nuts. If you like, kinda know what you're doing with templates and such, ho…

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  • EternallyBegotten

    Hello, Eternal here with another Wiki report! ^_^

    So I was mumbling previously on my other blog about doing seperate episode pages on the NnO Wiki, and I finally got to starting it! We have episode 1 & 2 now, so check those out in the Episode Guide. *Happy dances* :D Oh, and before I forget I also inserted in a fun poll on the home page if you guys already noticed! So vote on that to!

    It's going to take a while for me to do ALL 26 episodes though, so sit tight and be patient.

    If you have some neat ideas for the Wiki let me know, other than that keep up the good work and contribute!

    ~Happy editing! Eternal

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