Sōrō Katō (加藤 候Katō Sōrō) is a subordinate to Yae Oda, who turns out to be a spy for Kotarou Fuuma, and a member of Kasa. He is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara in Japanese and Chris Patton in English.

  • Kato and Oda
  • Kato hugs Oda
  • Kotarou and Kato

Katō is later seen working in a front world library that contains documents on the world of Nabari. He admittedly loves Oda and purposely made her read his thoughts, but after figuring out his true alliance, he was not allowed to return to Togakushi Village or the company because he betrayed her. Despite this, he expresses desires to return there.

His specialty is judging people's thought; he is also good at mind manipulation, and anti-mind reading which he used to his advantage to avoid being found out by Oda's Izuna Shingan. In the anime adaption, he infiltrates a Grey Wolves hotel to save Oda.


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