"Fairy" or the Shinra Banshou entity inside Miharu

You have to fight... Just relax - I will protect you.

Shinra Banshou enticing Miharu for the first time, episode 1

Shinra Banshou (森羅万象 Shinrabanshō, lit. "All things in nature") is the mysterious entity that lives within the main protagonist Miharu. This entity is the ultimate jutsu containing all the world's knowledge in Nabari, and many people are hunting it down so that they may use it to control the world of Nabari and become its king. It's destined for the holder of this entity to master it and become the true king bringing peace to the world of the ninja. "Fairy" is voiced by Yukari Tamura in Japanese, and Monica Rial in English.


The Shinra Banshou is personified as an enigmatic white-haired girl with long nails. Miharu commonly refers to her as Miss Fairy (妖精-さんYōsei-san). As the true form of the Shinra Banshou, she exists within Miharu, and constantly attempts to entice him into drawing from her powers, believing it is inevitable. In the anime adaption, she tells Oda that she does not want to grant Miharu's wish to Yoite because it is a boring wish and it is not Miharu's own wish. Although she is an intangible persona that resides within Miharu, she has appeared to Tobari once to taunt him.

Throughout the history of Nabari, clans fought to obtain this power. It is said to have originated in the Iga Village, containing vasts amount of unknown and incredible knowledge of jutsus. Those who possess it is granted wishes and its power, though one must fully exercise control in it in order to properly wield it.

Also, one cannot simply extract the Shinra Banshou from its current possessor in risk of killing him/her. If it were to succeed, the Shinra Banshou will simply move onto a new one.

In the end of the manga thanks to the effort of Tobari who had manage to complete a ninjutsu known as ' Zekku ' . Shinra Banshou was seperated from Miharu.Shinra was originally a human being that had died during the sengoku period due to some unknown reason she was choosen by Shinra Banshou to bind the ' hijitsu ' Shinra Banshou to the human . It is said that she continue to drift around the world with the two immortal child Shijima and Kouichi .


  • The Shinra Banshou and Shijima share similar facial qualities with each other (silver white hair, eye shape, sharp-pointed chin, etc.). Miharu noted this as well.
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