Everyone is sacrificing something precious to them in order to save something else - is that the reason for human action?

Shijima, episode 14

She is voiced by Kei Shindō in Japanese and Cherami Leigh in English.

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As a cat, she has short white fur and yellow eyes, and a red rope collar with a bronze tag hanging from it with the name Shiratama.

A a human, she is a small, petite girl with long, white hair and yellow eyes. During the Alya arc she can be seen wearing the Alya Academy uniform, while her casual clothes consist of frilly jumpers and dresses over long-sleeved shirts, and occasionally thigh-high stockings. Some of the clothes she wears also appear to belong to Miharu, while she also mentions Kouichi to have been the one to select and buy some of her other ones, namely her dresses and jumpers.

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Shijima Kurookano (黒岡野 しじま Kuro'okano Shijima), like Aizawa, has survived experiments performed by the one of the previous holder of Shinra Banshou, a medical practitioner during the Edo Period, who used the Shinra Banshou to give a human heart to a cat, who became Shijima. Because of these experiments, it is implied she is at least a century and a half old.

She involves herself in various situations only to observe humans. For observation purposes, she became a ninja of Kōga (甲賀) Village and a student of Alya Academy, the school Kōga Village takes the form of in the front world.

When not in human form, Shijima is disguised as Miharu's cat, Shiratama (シラタマ), and has been since before Miharu's birth.

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When the Alya students attack the Grey Wolves and the Banten ninja, she goes after Miharu and Yoite and reveals herself as inhuman. When the leader of Kōga Village dies, she receives the scroll containing Kōga's kinjutsushō Daya (蛇薬, lit.Serpent Medicine) and, in turn, she gives it to Miharu.

Shijima and miharu

Shiratama and Miharu

Shijima yoi cats

Shiratama and Yoi

Trivia  Edit

  • Shijima shares some similar physical traits with Aizawa, caused by the results of the experiment by a previous Shinra Banshou vessel.
  • Miharu is seen holding Shijima's cat form, Shiratama in the OP sequence "Crawl"
  • She noted that Miharu had Akatsuki (Miharu's father) gaze. 
  • As Shiratama, she can be seen attempting to warn Miharu of danger on multiple occasions, before we are aware that she is his cat. 
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