Saraba (サラバ Saraba) is Kotaru's second-in-command in the Fuuma Village. She is a no-nonsense woman and acts much like an older sister to Raimei and Jūji. She is voiced by Akeno Watanabe in Japanese and Luci Christian in English.

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Saraba is a tall, well endowed woman of an undisclosed age. Although she has been seen in different outfits throughout the series, her usual attire consists of leggings paired with white robes. Her robes are worn short and casually draped low over her shoulders and torso. Both her hair and eyes are dark in colour, with her hair falling to her mid-back in unruly and messy curls.


As second-in-command, she serves under Kotarou within Fuuma village. However, it appears obvious she is disapproving of his flippant antics and womanising ways.



  • She does not like getting called old, especially by Raimei.
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