The following is a list of current and future projects for the Nabari no Ou wiki, as well as to do lists for these projects and for improvements to the wiki.

Anyone is free to edit this page and add on new projects or to dos. Please do not delete projects or to dos from this list. If a project is complete, please contact an admin to do so.

Projects: New Pages Edit

Manga chapters Edit

There are a total of 72 chapters, an epilogue, and 3 omakes, which are in need of their own articles. Chapter covers are on the Wiki and tagged under Category:Chapter Covers.

Locations Edit

  • villages
  • locations within villages, cities, etc, in the story

descriptions of the location, significance...

List of techniques used in the series Edit

  • one page
  • description of technique, appearances in series

Story Arcs Edit

  • descriptions of storylines within the story

Projects: Missing Information Edit

Stub, Incomplete, Expand Edit

  • pages in these categories are in need of more information.
  • most of these are character pages
  • stubs take priority, however, special attention is needed for our protagonist and deuteragonist:

Volumes Edit

  • volumes are in need of summaries, descriptions of additional art, comments, and comics inside
  • descriptions of special editions, bonuses where applicable

Projects: Cleanup Edit

  • many media files are low quality, or are duplicates
  • please replace low quality photos where possible
  • please mark duplicates and low quality images for deletion so they can be deleted
  • Images also need to be categorized and renamed to fit the media guidelines.

Projects: Maintenance Edit

  • Template upgrades and new additions
  • New on-page navigation system in the works

Navboxes Edit

  • world-centered navbox WIP
  • To make:
    • Chapter navbox
    • Episode navbox
    • Story arc navbox

Others things to help out: Edit

  • check and fix spelling on pages
  • add photos to galleries
  • add categories to images
  • rename images
  • add information to pages
  • remove information from pages if not needed or incorrect
  • add trivia
  • add sources
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