Drama CD 2

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Rough Translation:

Gau, who has recently recovered from his comatose state thanks to Yoite's Kira, soon resumes his life as a high school student in the surface world. At the same time, he resumes his duties working under Raikou in the hidden world. As such, in order to conduct a strategy meeting to track down Tobari-sensei who has disappeared with Engesturin in his possession, Raikou, Gau, Yoite, and Miharu gather in Yukimi's apartment. Gau tries to welcome Miharu to the Grey Wolves, unaware that the meeting will turn into an early birthday celebration for Miharu.

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  1. 俄雨と雷光 放課後の音楽室 (Gau and Raikou: After-School Music Room)
  2. 歓迎会と遅めのハッピーバースデー (Welcome Party and Late Happy Birthday)
  3. 壬晴と宵風のお買い物 (Shopping with Miharu and Yoite)
  4. 演奏会 雨の日曜日 (Concert: Rainy Sunday)
  5. ただひとりのために (All for the Sake of Just One Person)
  6. おまけ 俄雨と壬晴(と宵風)の勉強会 (Omake: Gau and Miharu (and Yoite) Study Group)
  7. キャストコメント (Cast Comments)

Mini Information Edit

The following is a note included on the Drama CD, after the synopsis:


Mini information = the song Gau plays at the concert is "Tapiola" by Sibelius. It is a beautiful song with a fantastic atmosphere set in Northern Europe. Please give it a listen.

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Gau and Raikou: After-School Music Room Edit

  • Gau
  • Raikou

Gau borrows the keys to the music room to practice for an upcoming concert, and receives a surprise visit from Raikou while practicing.

Welcome Party and Late Happy Birthday Edit


This track follows the events of chapter 43.

Shopping with Miharu and Yoite Edit

Characters in order of appearance: Miharu, Yoite, Gau, Yukimi

Concert: Rainy Sunday Edit

Characters: v

All for the Sake of Just One Person Edit


Omake: Gau and Miharu (and Yoite) Study Group Edit

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