While there are a number of scenes in the anime that follow the manga quite closely and accurately, the anime also makes a large number of minor and major changes to the series making it important to distinguish between both mediums in the articles on this wiki to avoid misinformation and confusion.

Main article: Manual of Style.

Notable Differences to be Aware of

  • Changes in affiliation (ex: Yamase-Sensei having little association with the world of Nabari beyond being an Iga descendant in the manga, but being a member of the Grey Wolves in the anime)
  • Omission of characters (ex: the exclusion of Tasuku Ashikawa in the anime's Alya arc, and in the anime altogether, despite being a major character in that arc in the manga)
  • Changes in characters' histories/backgrounds (ex: Yoite, Yae Oda, Ichiki)
  • Minor changes in plot, such as:
    • Changes in location (ex: Yoite and Raikou's conversation on Gau occurring at Raikou's place of employment in the manga, but at Gau's hospital in the anime)
    • Changes in battle sequences (ex: Miharu not fighting at all when they first encounter the Grey Wolves in Fuuma in the anime, despite fighting alongside the others in the manga)
  • Major changes in plot, especially in the second season of the anime. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Character deaths (ex. Raikou Shimizu, Yoite, Tojuro Hattori)
    • New story arcs (ex. Oda's involvement and the destruction of the Togakushi)
    • New characters and organizations (ex: Tattegami and its members)
    • The ending

As the anime ended before the manga was completed, there are a number of arcs and characters that are not present in the anime as well, such as the erasure of Yoite.

Formatting in Articles

For characters and events that occur in both the manga and the anime, please separate synopsis content and other affected topics using subheadings for each. If only occurring in one medium, this is not necessary.

For example, these sections on Yae Oda's page should be formatted to show:

  • Design
  • Profile
  • History
    • Manga
    • Anime
  • Synopsis
    • Manga
    • Anime

Formatting notes

  • Do not place any information outside of their medium section. (For example, don't cover the synopsis up until the Alya arc, then divide the synopsis section into manga and anime).
  • Even if an event occurs in a relatively similar fashion in both mediums, the explanation of both must be repeated in both sections. Do not copy and paste if you are unsure if the synopsis of a scene applies accurately to both mediums.
  • Phrases such as in the manga, in the anime, in chapter..., in episode..., in the ... arc, are to be avoided in history and synopsis sections.
  • If you want to highlight or discuss differences between the manga and the anime, please do so in the notes or trivia sections.
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