Kotarou Fuuma (風魔 小太郎Fūma Kotarō) is the leader of the Fuuma Village and a chief consultant of MEXT. In the manga, he is also a founder of Kasa, Inasa.

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Kotarou Fuuma Edit

As Kotarou, he appears as a tall man with long, black hair tied back in a low ponytail. He can be seen wearing semi-rimless rectangular glasses, and traditional Japanese clothing.

Tarouzaemon Tsumujikaze Edit

As Tarouzaemon, he appears as a short, old man with long white hair and a long beard which together cover most of his face. Like Kotarou, he is always seen wearing traditional Japanese clothing and a hat. In the anime, he has no mustache.

Inasa Edit

As Inasa, he appears as a lean, young man in a wheelchair, likely shorter than Kotarou, but taller than Tarouzaemon. He has shoulder-length white hair in a bob cut and blue, cat-like eyes. He is often seen wearing either a white hoodie or a cape held together with white bows, brown gloves, and a one-piece jumper with short shorts, black leggings, and thigh-high boots. The details on his hoodie are navy blue with golden trim.

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As Kotarou, he has written almost all the texts regarding ninjutsu and the Shinra Banshou and all about the world of Nabari and ninja techniques, with the exception of the kinjutsu of other villages. He loves women as he claims that if he had the power of the Shinra Banshou, he would turn the Fuuma Village into a paradise where all the world's women are in love with him. According to Raimei, he is lying 90% of the time. He has spies hidden within the other ninja villages, namely one of them being Sōrō Katō whom was spying Yae Oda of Togakushi Village.

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Fuuma was the man who killed Miharu Rokujou. Because of this, Asahi used the Shinrabashou to revive Miharu. 

In the last volume, Fuuma is revealed to have lived for a hundred and twenty years. Kotarou was killed by Tobari Durandal Kumohira and failed to absorb the Shinra Banshou.


  • Raimei noted that nobody knows for sure what Kotarou exactly looks like, having specializes in Transformation Techniques.
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