Jūji Minami (南 十字 Minami Jūji) is a young medical ninja of Fuuma village. She is voiced by Kimiko Koyama in Japanese and Trina Nishimura in English.

 Appearances Edit


Jūji has short teal hair with a hair clip resembling a shuriken. Her eyes are teal as well. She is often seeing a white robe, a black turtle neck, and black leggings with sandals.

Other than her regular robe, her clothes are age-appropriate. In episode 10, she is seen wearing a pink dress tied with a black ribbon at the neck with black leggings. In episode 13, she wears a black dress with a white long sleeve shirt beneath that.


Jūji is often animated, talking with a high fast voice, especially when she's anxious. She acts childish in times of distress. In episode 10, she beats her fists against Saraba when she thinks Raimei is dead. She tends to over exaggerate as seen in episode 13 when she thinks Miharu will kill them all.

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