If you stopped being a Kira master, where would that leave you? Who are you?

–Itsuwari to Yoite, Chapter 47


Itsuwari has long, light hair and is seen wearing matching outfits with his twin sister, Makoto. This outfit consists of a beanie with an argyle pattern, a dress shirt and tie, a sweater vest, cargo pants, tall boots, and a long, hooded coat with matching argyle accents around the cuffs. They are often also seen with umbrellas.

It would appear that he is in his teens, also refering to Yukimi as a "stupid grown-up," indicating that he himself is still a child.




  • His name, 偽, means "false" while his sister Makoto's name, 真, means "true."
  • While not in the anime himself, he shows a striking resemblance to Shigure, and his sister to Hyo.
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