These are the Nabari no Ou Community Guidelines. These guidelines apply to all social interactions on this wiki, including talk pages (comments) and forums.

In addition to these guidelines, Fandom's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines also apply on this wiki. Select points will be quoted here, but it is advised that you read through the full pages thoroughly as well.

Please keep in mind that contributions to this wiki that violate these guidelines may be deleted at any time by the administrators. Users who repeatedly violate these guidelines may be subject to warnings, suspensions, or a permanent banning from the wiki depending on the frequency and severity of the violations.

User Conduct Edit

Before contributing to the Nabari no Ou Wiki or engaging in any other interaction on the wiki (including, but not limited to: comments on pages, replying to existing comments), we ask that you:

Do Not: Edit

  • Abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other users
  • Post or upload any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law, or any content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct
  • Link to illegal content (including links to scanlation sites, torrents (such as for manga, anime), or other sources of illegal copyrighted material)
  • Don't post porn, shock images, gore, or explicit descriptions of sex
  • Post or upload unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, "spam", or any other type of unauthorized solicitation

Please Do: Edit

  • Be kind and respectful to other users
  • Respect others' privacy, and be mindful of your own
  • Ask for help, and help others
  • Try to keep comments positive. Please keep character/series hate, etc. off of article pages on this wiki.
    • Critical character analyses are OK. This applies to comments along the lines of simply "I hate x," "X sucks," "f**k X" etc. and nothing else. Please be considerate of other fans
  • Help make the Nabari no Ou Wiki a welcoming and engaging environment, and encourage discussions
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