Asahi Rokujo
Asahi Rokujo




January 29th


159 cm (5'2")


45 kg (99 lbs)

Shoe size

24 cm

Blood type



Celtic music, bacon bagels


Nothing in particular

Special skills

Driving, five elements



As far as I'm concerned, I really don't like it- that anybody gets hurt, or that one person hurts another.

–-Asahi, Volume 13, page 21

Asahi Rokujo (六条アサヒ, Rokujo Asahi) is the mother of Miharu Rokujou and the wife of Akatsuki Rokujou. She was the previous host of the Shinra Banshou.



Asahi Rokujou, her husband Akatsuki Rokujou, and Tobari's grandfather were killed ten years prior the the start of the series. The Kairoshu leader, Tojuro Hattori, along with other Kairoshu ninja, murders them in an attempt to take Asahi hostage. Tobari, in the process of taking young Miharu and the others to safety, witnesses their deaths. During her final moments, Asahi loses control of the Shinra Banshou and unwillingly transfers the hijutsu to Miharu.

The incident was erased from the memories of every individual involved, presumably caused by the sealing away of the Shinra Banshou's power. This resulted in Miharu's own memories being buried deep within his subconscious. He continued to grow up with no memory of Tobari's involvement with the death of his mother.



Ten years prior to the beginning of the series, Asahi, Akatsuki, Tobari's grandfather, and Kourin Shimizu devised a plan to seal away the Shinra Banshou. Tobari's grandfather planned use his Zekuu technique to rid Asahi of Shinra's power. Asahi entrusts Tobari with the Engetsurin, asking him to hold onto it until the ritual is completed. The following day, Asahi, Akatsuki, Tobari's grandfather, Tobari, and Miharu traveled deep into a wooded area, away from civilization, in order to perform the ritual. However, they were soon found by Kairoshu ninja who had been aware of their plan.

Following the death of Akatsuki, Asahi and Tobari's grandfather begin the Zekuu technique in a "now or never" desperation. However, during the process, a cloaked figure appears out of the trees. The cloaked figure uses the Kira technique on Miharu, destroying the child's face and presumably killing him. Asahi sees this and, giving over to the forbidden power of the Shinra Banshou, brings her son back to life. Upon seeing his destroyed face, Asahi has trouble recalling his appearance. As a result, she reconstructs Miharu's face to mirror her own.

Tobari's granfather is shot in the throat and, with his dying breath, tells Tobari to perform Zekuu. Tobari begins to use the technique but the Shinra Banshou, recognizing that Asahi wanted to seal her away, took advantage of the distraction. She transferred herself from Asahi to Miharu. Asahi fought against this, but eventually died from the struggle. It's implied that her body disappeared, or was otherwise greatly mangled from the event.

It is later revealed that the cloaked figure was none other than Kotaro Fuuma, who wanted the Shinra Banshou for himself.


  • She went by the nickname "Asa".
  • Asahi didn't want anything to do with the Nabari world, which is why she wanted to seal the Shinra Banshou.
  • She is the cousin of Raimei and Raikou's mother, Kourin Shimizu, with whom she was very close before leaving the Nabari world.
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